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Firebox LPD CG

This system is designed by HBC to combine the best technologies from the "old school" of coal combustion and the latest advanced combustion control technologies. The new HBC chain grate-type stoker system permits either bituminous coal washed singles or smalls to be combusted in an efficient manner with the added advantage of automatic de-ashing. This combination is particularly suitable for residential and industrial heating and process steam applications. The boiler vessel is a three-pass fire tube firebox design that inherently provides an extended water membrane in the furnace area greatly reducing the amount of refractory required.

Firebox LPD CG Can Burn

Woody Fuels
Forestry Residues
Mill Residues
Agricultural Residues
Urban Wood and Yard Wastes
Dedicated Biomass Crops
Animal Wastes
Dry Animal Manure

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