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Firemaster Integrated Boiler Monitoring System

Hurst Boiler | January 26, 2011

FireMaster is a fully automated monitoring and control system integrated throughout the entire package boiler system from it's make-up water consumption to steam-flow and back as condensate return.

This control family is designed and tested by Hurst to optimize the firing and operations of the Hurst Performance Series Boilers. With over 1000 data scans a second, the communication and processing power of a Firemaster micro-programmable controller (PLC) is unmatched by conventional stand alone systems. In combination with the micro PLC, is the addition of a touch screen human machine interface (HMI). Together these two form the core of this amazing integrated boiler control system.

Now it is possible to incorporate functions and features for part or all of your boiler room equipment into a single collection of processed information. Not able to be at the boiler room, use the convenience of your office Ethernet network or the world wide web from anywhere to access the Firemaster system. With this collective information comes the real-time data of efficiency and operating conditions on a continual basis and this information is archived daily into to the system's history log and retrievable at any time.

Utilizing the FireMaster's array of options to suit your personalized boiler system enables the full power of the processor's ability to manage and optimize over all efficiencies. Flexible design allows for future expansion of boilers and equipment as needs grow. What can start out as a cornerstone for individual boiler control can easily be updated to become the supervisory central hub for synchronised control of a family of enabled, peripherals such as additional Hurst boilers, OxyMiser deaerator systems, and FeedMiser feedwater stations. Flexibility extends to include surge tanks, lead/lag controllers and other component modules enabling the Firemaster to become a single point comprehensive boiler room control system.

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