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Hurst Announces Two Revolutionary New Advances in Boiler Technology at 2014 AHR EXPO NY

Hurst Boiler | January 20, 2014

Thermo-Master, and Stack-Master are two of the latest, patent-pending engineered product advances Hurst will be introducing to the boiler industry and the world at the 2014 AHR EXPO NY.

These innovative devices aid in lowering stack temperatures by utilizing make-up feedwater and exhaust gases in a whole new way as a means to increase overall boiler efficiency. Our unique water-to-water counter-flow designs are a revolutionary breakthrough in boiler design and engineering technology.

Guaranteed to be unlike anything you've seen previously, we will be previewing and sharing details of these ground-breaking new products exclusively at the 2014 AHR EXPO NY.

Let us share the exciting details of the many technological and engineering advances currently in development at Hurst. We have been anxiously awaiting the 2014 AHR EXPO NY to debut these truly ground-breaking new products. We can promise you, this technology will be a radical departure from anything you've seen or heard before!

These optional counter-flow devices are factory installed. They require no external support; therefore they do not require installation and labor costs that typical external economizers require. Fuel-to-steam efficiencies can be increased by up to 5%. Hurst will be offering these features exclusively on our line of packaged "Scotch Marine" Counter-Flow Series Boilers.

Please plan to visit us if you would like to learn more about the latest innovations in Hurst Boiler technology and engineering for heating and powering commercial and industrial businesses.

Visit Hurst at the AHR Expo 2014 NYC in Booth 7829 January 21- January 23, 2014 for details!

Our representatives will be available to discuss:

  • How to utilize the latest advances in boiler technology for new or retrofit construction with a Hurst Boiler Engineered System.
  • How Hurst's advanced power boilers and automation systems are making sustainable energy production feasible today.
  • How to manage all of your plant controls under one umbrella.