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Sustainable Ultra Low NOx Boilers

Hurst Boiler | October 28, 2019

Hurst Boiler Company (Coolidge, Georgia, USA) is pleased to announce the first

ultra low NOx boiler in California to produce packaged steam that consistently and predictably provides for 2 ppm NOx or less.

Hurst Boiler partnered with Boiler & Steam Performance (Greensboro, GA), Weishaupt Burner, California Boiler (Santa Ana, CA), and Nationwide Boiler's CataStak SCR (selective catalytic reduction) device to configure and install the system.

The end user is Pratt Industries in Lathrop, California. Pratt is a global leader in corrugated box and container manufacturing and a long time user of Hurst boilers in plants across the country. Pratt Industries concentrates on efficient plants and uses recycled materials, reduced energy consumption, and sustainable practices in every facility.

The Lathrop project involves a premium Hurst Series 500, 4-pass wet back scotch steam boiler, 250 psig steam design pressure and operating at 200 psig steam. This boiler is rated at 700 boiler hp or 24,000 #s of steam/ hour. The burner is natural gas fired and of the low NOx design without having to use flue gas recirculation. Boiler and Steam Performance are leaders in the corrugated box and paper industries and provide and install Hurst boilers throughout North America. Shawn Pearson, VP states that "the team effort paid off with the cooperation of all the partners working together to provide Pratt Industries with the very best steam plant equipment specific to their unique requirements and demands.

The SCR system was added in order to meet the air district's <2.5 ppm NOx / < 10 ppm ammonia (NH3) slip requirements. Other highlights of this Hurst Boiler installation includes the ability to provide technology resulting in a boiler with low excess air, high turndown rates (especially critical in a corrugated box facility), and very high boiler fuel to steam efficiency.