Parts, serviceability, and preventive maintenance is the key to keeping a boiler system at peek operating efficiency and is the goal of Hurst After Market and Service Departments. We are committed to providing you with the best service and parts in the industry. We stock replacement parts for our boilers and other major competitors' boilers as well. Our manufacturing facility in Coolidge, GA, supports our parts center with the latest technology and competitive rates, offering shipping with LTL Freight Services and US/International shipping with DHL, UPS and FedEx. Offering Online Shipping and Tracking Information of your critical parts to ensure delivery in a timely manner to your facility.

Forced Draft Burner Parts

Beckett • Industrial Combustion • Gordon Piatt • Power Flame

Motors, Blower Wheels, Electrodes, Transformers, Ignition & Control Components, Air Flow Switches, Oil Pumps, Diffusers, Gas Train Valves and components, Oil Nozzles, Regulators, Pilot Assys., Flame Sensors, Modulating Motors, Lead Lag Panels, and more.


Honeywell, Fireye, White Rogers, Danfos, Dwyer, Cleveland, McDonnell Miller, ITT, Warwick, B&W, and others.

Cast Iron Parts & Wood Fired Parts

Boiler Grates, Stoker Parts / Augers. Troughs, Fuel Feed Rotary Valves, Rotary Air Lock Valves, Retort, Retort Nozzles, Fire Brick, Ash Removal Chains, Flights, Drives / Mechanical & Variable Hertz, Sheaves, Belts, Bearings

Castable, Refractories & Insulations

Hurst Hybrid Mud, Castable 1800 & 2800 Degree, Furnace Crete, Coreline, One Shot, Mineral Wool, Kaowool, Mill Board, Rock Wool, Blankets, Fire Brick, Refractory Hangers, Stainless Steel


PSI Gauges, H2O (Inches Water Column) Gauges, Temperature, Aqua stats, Draft, Bottom, Back, & Angle Mount


Hand held analyzer & bacharach


Tadpole Tape, Fiber Tape, Kaowool Strips, Hand Hole Gaskets, Man Hole Gaskets, 150# / 300# / 600# Flange Gaskets Spiral Wound and Neopream 150# & 300#, Water Column Gaskets


Burks • Grundfos • Xylem • Goulds • MTH

Feed Water & Repair Parts and Kits
Replacement Fuel Oil Pumps and Remote Pump Sets

Feed Water Tanks Water Softeners, & Chemical Feed Systems

Tanks available from stock or custom built to your specifications. ASME Certified Units or Non-Code Tanks Waters Softeners for all sizes Boiler Systems Commercial or Industrial Simplex or duplex Units, Chemical Feeders to your Order


Twin City for all applications


Kunkle • Conbraco • Apollo • Milwaukee • United Brass • Nibco, Crane • Asco• ITT
Relief Valves, Feed Water Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, BlowdownValves, Check Valves (Swing & Spring) Ball Valves, Solenoid Valves, Angel Non-Return Valves, Solenoid Valves

A.S.M.E. Code Parts Fittings and Piping

Boiler Steel, Boiler Tubing, Manway Plates, Hand Hole Plates, Custom Tube Sheet Drilling, Replacement Furnaces, Unions Couplings, Elbows, Nipples Flanges, Tees, Crosses, Plugs, Caps, 125#, 150#, 300#, 3000#, Pipe and Fittings 1/8" to 36"


HBM Single Tank Series

Suitable for commercial application ranging from 10,000 to 25K grains of hardness removal capacity at flow rates up to 10 gpm.

HBM Twin Tank Series

Suitable for light commercial applications ranging from 10,000 to 60,000 grains of hardness removal capacity at flow rates up to 280 gpm. Installations might include restaurants, car washes, laundromats, boilers, and other commercial applications. HBM TT is a twin unit alternating system where one unit is in service and the other unit is in stand-by.

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