Solid Fuel Burners

5-250 MBTU/HR

At Hurst, we have continued to expand our product lines to meet the needs of flourishing industries around the world. Our “STAG” systems are a culmination of our experience and knowledge of material handling, solid fuel combustion, and controls integration that offers a quality solution for most air heating applications. We are providing our customers the ability to economically and efficiently satisfy their air heating requirements by utilizing readily available waste as a fuel source in lieu of the expensive conventional sources. Hurst delivers the quality and performance that our customers expect in a custom engineered solution to reduce operating expenses and maximize productivity.

The Hurst STAG unit can be utilized from 5 MMBTU/HR - 250 MMBTU/HR with operating temperature ranges from 200°F to 2000°F. These system are frequently utilized in lumber dry kilns, boiler applications, oil heaters, rotary dryers, brick kilns and much more.

Rotary Dryers • Sand Dryers • Grain Dryers
Lumber Kilns • Cement Kilns • Brick Kilns

Reciprocating Grate Design - Complete burn with automatic dust-free wet ash removal system.

Modular packaged design for low cost project installation.

Twin Unit- Southern Pine Sawmill Lumber Dry Kiln


  • Totally automated system
  • Superior refractory material
  • Automatic ash removal system (wet & dry systems)
  • Ash sifting hoppers
  • Unique wall/grate interlocking discourages internal fuel leakage

We Successfully Burn Hundreds of Biomass Fuels

FUEL CROPS - Switch Grass, etc...
RDF - Municipal Solid Waste
FOREST MANAGEMENT- Collected Debris, etc...
TEXTILE WASTE - Production Fabric Waste
WASTE PETROLEUM - Fuel/Blend "waste" Oil Products