Fossil fuel costs are at an all time high without any relief in sight, making renewable energy the fuel source of the future.

Solid Fuel Fired Boilers

HURST Biomass Boiler Systems will strengthen your bottom line by reducing, or even eliminating your energy and disposal costs altogether, through the combustion of renewable fuel sources, also known as Biomass.

Forty years of experience designing engineering and manufacturing solid fuel fired and biomass boiler systems and over 10,000 installations worldwide has made Hurst the industry's most popular solid fuel fired boiler.

Hurst Boiler provides its clients with the support and expertise necessary to design, fabricate and install complete solid fuel boiler systems, from the fuel storage system thru exhaust gas emission mitigation. Various Hybrid Wood Boiler designs are suitable for applications to produce high pressure steam or hot water in ranges from 3,450 - 60,000 lbs/hr (3.4 mmBTU - 60 mmBTU) output from 100 up to 900 PSI.

Biomass-Fired Steam Boilers, Hot Water Boilers and Direct-Fired STAG units for Solid Fuel Systems

Wet Fuel and Dry Fuel Configurations

Hurst's Solid Fuel Fired Boilers are specifically designed to utilize a wide range of standard and alternative fuels for Solid Fuel and Biomass Boiler solutions, for example:

Agricultural Biomass
Agave Fiber
Back-up: Gas and/or Oil
Chipped Mill Waste
Chicken Manure
Construction Debris
Hog Fuel
King Grass
Planer Shavings
Rice Husk
Sander Dust
Sugar Cane Bagasse


Hurst Boiler maintains a fully trained staff of solid fuel fired boiler service engineers as well as an extensive supply of spare parts. To respond to our customer's needs quickly, we maintain sophisticated equipment to provide the latest improvements in boiler support, equipment, manufacturing, installation, troubleshooting and operation assistance. Our dedication to quality and fast service is unsurpassed.

Other Solid Fuel Systems & Components Available From Hurst Boiler

  • Deaerator (Make-Up Water Systems)
  • Coal Bunker Storage
  • Fuel Conveyors
  • Forced Draft Fans & Air Systems
  • Ash Handling Conveyors
  • Induced Draft Fans & Air Systems
  • Hurst Brand Refractories Automated Control Systems
  • Fuel Metering Systems
  • Ash Re-injection Systems
  • Exhaust Breeching & Stacks
  • Emissions Control & Monitoring
  • Fire Doors & Grates
  • Soot Blower Systems

Versatile, Rugged, Easy to Operate

Through the use of standard parts, components and configurations we can manufacture, often in a very short time, steam plant configurations tailored to a customer's specific requirements. We also welcome custom, experimental and difficult jobs.

We build quality and reliability into every system because nothing less will do. Our years of experience and commitment to our customers have developed a reliable system designed to withstand continuous operation in harsh industrial environments.

Designed, constructed and stamped in accordance with the requirements of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Inspected and registered with the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors.