Terms and Conditions

All parts are under warranty for one year from date of shipment, and will be replaced by the factory, providing the defective part is first returned, prepaid, by the customer. Defective material will be replaced by the Seller, and no further claim whatsoever is allowed, nor will the Seller be subject to any other or further liability on account of such defective material. No cash reimbursement will be allowed for defective parts returned, nor will any repair service, or labor, be allowed without written permission from the factory. Goods of other manufacturers sold by HURST BOILER & WELDING COMPANY, INC. are not guaranteed by HURST BOILER & WELDING COMPANY, INC. beyond their manufacturers warranty.

HURST BOILER & WELDING COMPANY, INC. does not warranty the use, application, misuse, alteration of design or engineering of the boiler, burner, controls, or other items supplied, nor attachment of or change of any of these items.


Manufacturers responsibility for damage or loss cases when shipment is receipted for by carrier. Goods should be examined carefully before signing the freight receipt. Buyer must require the carrier to make notation on freight bill of any damage or missing parts, and Buyer must make claim for same against he carrier.


Manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications of its products without notice.

Differences with workmen, accidents to plant or machinery, delays in transportation or storage of cars, failure of usual source of Sellers supplies or material, fire, flood, strike, or courses beyond Sellers control, shall be sufficient excuse for delay in making shipment.

Boilers herein are subject to the required hydrostatic test, and a certificate that they have been satisfactorily test and made tight before shipment, is issued by a qualified insurance company. Seller assumes no responsibility for subsequent tests after boiler has left Sellers plant.

Seller shall not be responsible for draft conditions, spotting, switching or demurrage charge; unloading boilers at railroad or truck point of delivery; hauling boilers from railroad point of delivery to job site, unloading boilers at job site; rigging boilers on foundation; drayage at destination; or inconvenience, delays or expense caused by railroad or truck company not delivering the shipment promptly or at the job site during the Purchasers work hours. All of these are at the Purchasers expense and responsibility.


Any tax imposed by any present or future law of the Federal, State, or other governmental authority on the manufacturer, and/or sale of the equipment quoted shall be added to the amount to be paid by purchaser.