COVID-19 Policies Notice

We at Hurst Boiler take pride in being designated as an Essential Provider during these difficult times. We are committed to providing essential services to ensure our State’s infrastructure continues to operate. The entire Hurst Boiler team is at work and business is open.

We are monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely and are working to ensure we meet the needs of our customers as well as provide for the health and safety of our employees. We realize this health situation has already been disruptive to many businesses across the globe and wanted to share facts about what we're doing to support both our customers and employees.

To ensure our customers’ businesses are supported we have taken specific steps as part of our business continuity plan.

These steps include:

  1. Moving employees to work from home in a thoughtful, choreographed manner. This ensures your businesses continue to receive excellent stability and support.
  2. Working closely with our partners to make sure we have additional equipment and supplies to take care of employees, and by extension, our customers.

As a company proudly serving Industrial Manufacturing and Distribution businesses, we know how critical the Steam, Hot Water, Process Manufacturing and Combustion Control Equipment we provide helps our customers maintain their business during difficult and complex times like these.

We realize many of you may be experiencing slow-downs or shutdowns of your own operations, and we just want to let you know, our offices and service departments are available and standing-by in the event you would like to make use of this downtime to perform needed preventive maintenance services, installations or tuning.

We have instructed our personnel to follow all recommended CDC/WHO guidelines for dealing with the public, and we will be strictly enforcing those recommendations. As the situation evolves, know we will be investing in our capabilities, safety measures, equipment and support and reacting in real-time to make sure we are here supporting our customers through this.

The entire Hurst Boiler team is at work and business is open. You may be assured we remain ready to provide services and support, whether online or in person, however it may suit your needs.

Please contact us if you have any questions, would like to schedule an appointment or need any other support.

Email: [email protected] | 24 Hour Support: 229-346-3545 - follow prompts

We look forward to being at your service in these difficult times.