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Hurst Boiler Names New Domestic Package Boiler Sales Manager

Hurst Boiler | April 13, 2020

Hurst Boiler is pleased to announce the promotion of Matt Whittington, a 13-year veteran of the Hurst Boiler Sales team to Domestic Package Boiler Sales Manager. He will assume those duties at the end of April.

Whittington was hired in 2007 as a regional sales associate, quickly showing an aptitude for creating a heightened sense of teamwork and communication within the Sales Department.

Whittington will be responsible for developing and maintaining channels to gain profitable market share on a national level. He will work with inside and independent sales representatives to maintain existing accounts and help with cultivating new customers. He will also collaborate with product training and other support resources. Whittington began his career with Hurst Boiler thirteen years ago as part of a strategic plan for him to step into this position.

Since he’s been here, he has proven that he is an exceptional communicator and a great leader...

Ray Pierce, Hurst National Sales Manager

“We thought he was a great choice to take on this role. Matt has the integrity and the business acumen to be a Sales Manager. He is fully knowledgeable of the Hurst product line as well as the intricacies of the greater boiler industry.”

Matt has extensive experience on both the managerial and sales sides of the boiler industry. Beginning his career at Hurst working at the inside level as a salesman, and later earning manager and district-manager’s responsibilities for larger accounts throughout the country.

“Customer Service has always been my biggest priority.”, says Whittington. “It is critical in the relationship process, it is critical in the sales process, and it is critical in what we do here. My background helps me make decisions, based on how it affects our representatives and customers. Those are the people that keep us in business. I’m looking forward to the challenge.”