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North Carolina Plant Converts Turkey Waste to Energy

Hurst Boiler | October 29, 2019

North Carolina ranks among the nation’s key poultry production states and much of its poultry waste is used by farmers as fertilizer. Power Resource Group’s $32 million Farmville plant will convert turkey waste into electricity that is sold to the state’s utilities. It is the result of North Carolina’s effort to require utilities to obtain a significant amount of their energy from renewable sources.

Farrior & Sons, Inc, of Farmville did the civil, building, basic mechanical systems. Hurst Welding & Boiler Company installed the “energy island” — all equipment from the feed-stock intake to the boilers, turbines, emissions controls and thermal and electricity distributions systems.

It is estimated that the project will consume more than 230 tons of poultry litter per day to generate enough energy to fuel about 13,000 homes.